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Daher-Socata TBM 850/900

Posted on July 08 2021

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Daher-Socata's TBM 850 and 900 airplanes, powered by the ubiquitous Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engine, are amongst the fastest of the current crop of single-engine turboprop airplanes.  And while these airplanes do differ somewhat, they have far more in common than not.  Both the 850 and 900 are type designated the TBM 700N – the 900 being differentiated by certain modifications – both have a top speed of 270 KIAS (Knots – Indicated Airspeed), both utilize the PT6A-66D engine, both have a maximum seating capacity of five and the same internal cabin space, and both have the same maximum takeoff weight.  From a specifications standpoint, the only significant difference is the slightly longer wingpsan and wing area of the 900.  Differences do exist in performance, however, with the 900 sporting a shortened takeoff distance over a 50' obstacle and a published range increase of almost 150 nautical miles.


Although the original TBM – the 700 – received its type certification nearly a quarter century ago, the 850 and the 900's type certificates are of far more recent vintage.  The first iteration of the 850, which did not feature a glass cockpit, received its type certificate on November 28, 2005.  A version that featured Garmin's G1000 avionics system was certified in 2007.  The most recent version, the TBM 900, was certified in December 2013.

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