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Business & Commercial Aviation News From September 1968

Posted on August 23 2021

Business & Commercial Aviation News From September 1968 theresa.c.petr… Mon, 08/23/2021 - 08:00

The ludicrous comedy now on stage in the New York air traffic theater would be howlingly funny were it not for the underlying tragedy. ...

... IFR aircraft operating in and out of the three major N.Y. airports are experiencing 2-4-hr. delays in bad weather and waits of from 20 min. to an hour even when conditions are severe CAVU. — BCA Staff

Common IFR room at John F. Kennedy International opened midnight July 12. The purpose is to control all of New York area airports’ traffic from one location rather than the previous three, giving controller coordination for added safety. Located in Hangar II at JFK, the room will take over the control function formerly handled at Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark. Terminal radars, however, will still be in all three locations, although they will feed the common room. 


Common IFR Room JFK

The second Link: With the remarkable success of the GAT-1, Link is soon to produce the intermediate GAT-II, a general aviation multi-engine trainer. The new Link will come with a self-instruction training package to eliminate continuous monitoring by an outside instructor.



Astute STOL: This aircraft is not backing out of a stall, it is taking off STOL-like in a ground run of 330 ft. Called the Minerva, it is the newest of the Waco line, distributed by Allied Aero Industries and may be available this month. The price is in the vicinity of $21,000.



Holy Scorpion, Batman: If you have $6,000 and always had a dream of being a bird, you might be interested in this make-it-yourself helicopter. The Scorpion is an actual hovering machine with 1,450-fpm rate of climb, 220-lb. useful load and a max speed of 85 mph.




Halfway around the world from its point of manufacture, the Mooney Mitsubishi MU-2F is photographed in the blue sky over Reading, Pennsylvania. The F version of the MU-2 offers even more speed (thanks to more powerful 705-hp Garrett TPE 331s) and much improved cabin quietude. Cruise speed is 340 mph, range is 1,550 nm and price is about $358,850.
"It's what we start with." Mobil is comparing their oil to grapes and the wines they produce. And it comes from one of the great regions for aviation oil.


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This article appears in the February 2018 issue of Business & Commercial Aviation with the title “September 1968 News.”

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